Any LingQers Have a YouTube Channel

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if any of you have your own YouTube channel (or TikTok, IG, Podcast etc) where you talk about language learning (or related subjects).

Big or small, it doesn’t matter. I’d love to see them.



It’s tiny and I don’t bother to edit the videos but since you asked:


Currently don’t have one, but I plan to make a channel when I get to a certain listening amount in mandarin chinese. Maybe in 2025 ahaha

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The last three videos are about German language learning.


Great job on your channel so far! While it’s not easy to become an overnight success on YouTube, I think your content is good and I could see your channel growing in the future. Even though I’m not learning Korean, I still enjoyed your videos. :joy:


Excellent idea ericfromLingQ

Brilliant videos kraemder and SergeyFM.

So nice to see kraemder - so keen on Korean that you made a trip there :slight_smile:

Wow! SergeyFM - speaking German after a year (video uploaded 24 May 2020) and again almost 3 years later (2 Mar 2023).

Awesome videos both of you!


Thanks! 1000 day streak is impressive.

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Thanks Paul. Looking forward to your progress in Korean.

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Well thanks. I say several times I’m not trying to be a YouTuber. It’s just something I’m doing to complement my Korean studies. I don’t know anyone who lives near me interested in languages let alone Korean.


Thank you! I didn’t expect anyone from LingQ to watch my channel ever.

I get to put my German to use after all these years. I couldn’t believe the video you did speaking German after only one year of LingQ.

krarmer, I can not blame you if you were scratching your head in the German language class. Language schools in Germany follow a different business model and are only interested in milking money. Nothing has changed from your time to this date. You chose a very old book to learn from. There are very good sources to choose from that are aimed at foreigners. For example, these graded readers are very good. Deutsch als Fremdsprache – Circon Verlag

Also, perfect Deutsch magazine.

recommended by a German teacher before tackling reading novels.

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Sergey, Out of curiosity, how many hours of listening have you done before recording your last speaking video? Also, how many hours of speaking? Thanks

I have 688 hours of listening time here at LingQ. It’s impossible to do exact math, but I’d multiply it by 2. That comes to 1376 hours. It’s probably a lot more than that.
As far as speaking goes, I’d put it at about 250 hours.
I just want to add that I’m very much not satisfied with my speech - I speak fluently on the videos only after tedious preparation.

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