Anti Esperanto!

I believe that our different languages are the enjoyment of our lives, and it is stupid to try to create something called Esperanto !

Here’s an interesting article about constructed languages.

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Or you can just not learn it and not be “anti esperanto”.

There are good reasons to learn and not to learn just about anything.


This is an interesting take but I’m not sure I agree with the main premise. I do like Tolkien but I think he got carried away by his love of historical linguistics.
For example, I’ve always thought that his ideas about Elvish language evolution don’t make any sense!!!
Human languages evolve as dramatically as they do because human lives are short. Elves are immortal, so in the Middle Earth there were many living native speakers of older language forms, such as near-to-original Quenya. How is it then possible that those languages become “dead” in a way similar to Latin or Sanskrit in the modern times? How can new generations who grew up listening to those living Elves end up speaking a vastly different, unintelligible new language?
Some gradual, subtle changes (such as American cot-caught merger or the changes in pronunciation in the Queen’s speeches) may still happen over time but not anything nearly as dramatic as Tolkien describes: the time course of language change should reflect the life of span of their speakers. No realism in Tolkien’s language here (and, in general, Tolkien’s languages are incomplete, you can’t actually speak freely in them, whereas Esperanto allows expressing the same range of topics as natural languages)

Gosh! Do I love this kind of “geeky” talk!

When I was about 13 years old, I found a book about Esperanto in the library. After a few hours of reading it, I was pretty excited because I discovered that it was remarkably easy to learn. Where was this easy language spoken?? Spain? Belgium? Luxembourg? It reminded me of Latin, which I was learning in high school.

I went to the encyclopedia (it was 1988) to find out.

I was heartbroken to discover it was a constructed language.

That ended my study of Esperanto.

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We could talk about Klingon (Star Trek). Or Dothraki (Game of Thrones) :slight_smile:

In adults… sure. Unfortunately, some people are forcing Esperanto onto children.

Esperanto helps to learn other languages, especialy the romance languages… The children can easily understand how a foreign language works and how they learn. I think, Esperanto can be an easy beginning to learning a new languages. If I had a child, I would like to learn Esperanto and playing piano with him/her.

I think, being Anti-Esperanto is not different than being Anti-Arabic or Anti-English. If someone doesn’t like how the language works or sounds then a different language can be chosen easily…

You are right

This I am talking about, I think language should be with a cultural background to be attractive

But I think children should learn Latin rather than Esperanto

I heard about esperanto when I was in middle school. A friend and I started learning because it was fun, and the other classmates couldn’t understand, so it would be a language that only us in our school could speak. Unfortunately, we didn’t go much further, just a couple of weeks, but we were still able to talk about basic stuff, and we would never or would be really hard to achieve that in any other language in just a couple o weeks. Now, I am a little bit older and I started learning again. To me it is an awesome language and I really like it, funny thing is that I still remember some words from back in the day :slight_smile:

Fun Fact! There is a reformed version of Esperanto language called," Ido".(Pronounced: ee-dwo) It is a more simplified language, even more so than Esperanto.

Time and time again I come back to the argument: Learn Ithkuil. Dass bestest constructed language.