[Answered: 3rd Party Issue; See reply] Bug: LingQ's TTS Reading Punctuation (Full Stop) in Review/Fill-in-the-Missing-Word Cards

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Hi LingQ Support,

When I get review exercises like this in review mode, it seems to be reading the *period" in the sentences at the end of each sentence:

Edit: I did notice that this card looks like it added an extra space between the Korean Character and the period [.] punctuation. Could that be why? I scrubbed through my (private) lesson for this and did see any spaces like that in the text I imported/formatted, so it appears to have happened when LingQ created the review card.

Edit 2: Here’s a second example of this type of review card with this bug:

P.S. Browser: Chrome; Version: Web

P.P.S. I was finally able to figure out that the audio is saying “마침표” (full stop/period) after every sentence marker.

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

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Hi, just wanted to check in.

Have y’all been able to pinpoint the problem?

*Note: Edited to fix typo.

Unfortunately, not much we can do here at the moment since it’s an issue on third party tool we are using for TTS. Hopefully, there will be a way to improve this in the near future.

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