Another suspected bug

In addition to the bug I reported a week ago (listening in LingQ not being logged) (still hasn’t been fixed), I have been experiencing a different issue for a few days, relating to reading:

About 75-80% through a lesson I notice that I recognise the story and that there are no longer any blue words. What’s actually happening is that the app is somehow repeating the last 20% of the lesson, so I’m seeing it twice. Android app.
At first I thought I’d loaded the lesson incorrectly so I checked on the web to delete what I thought I had double entered, only to find that I’ve done it correctly, with no duplications. My iPhone and the web aren’t producing the error, only my Samsung tablet.

The android app also seems to be counting the duplication as extra words read…

Thanks for reporting, we are looking into the issue.

I have been noticing the same thing for the last couple days on the Android app. FWIW doesn’t seem to be happening from the desktop. Clearing cache, stopping and restarting the app, etc… it’s just flaky.

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