Another small import issue!

hey!, I just imported a collection of 90+ lessons, but I still can’t see it as a colection when I want to open it! also I don’t have the option " next lesson in collection".
I’ve recorded a 1 min video of it… here - YouTube (hope you’ll be able to see it) , and I hope you can help me!

Hi Alex,

The reason you cannot see them in the Collection view is that they are currently set as Private. In essence, you see the same page as someone else would since that is the public Collection page. This allows private lessons to remain private regardless of whether or not someone knows the Collection URL.

However, we realize this is a bit of an issue and it is on our list of enhancements.

ok, then I’m gonna share them, cause I got them from a blog wich is public, and the content is free, hope I won’t create troubles :slight_smile:

You’re free to share the lessons as long as you have received permission from the creator of the content (i.e. the blog owner). In this case, just because content is public doesn’t mean it is free from copyright, so please make sure you have permission before sharing anything publicly in the Library.
Also, all shared content must have an accompanying audio recording. For more guidelines on importing, please see the FAQ here: Import Help