Another serious bug

I’m using an iPad 12.9”, latest iOS. I went using my Safari browser to the academy in English, played a video, tasked to another app, then tasked back to the browser, and the browser screen was black and unusable. I had to kill and restart the browser. I do wonder if the app is regression tested prior to release/update. (Perhaps this bug appeared post Feb 2022, in which case I can see a reason i.e. developers living in a country under attack.)

What’s the the “academy”?

Are you referring to the guides LingQ created in the Knowledge Base section (Knowledge Base) in the forum? Or the mobile version of LingQ’s application through the iPad viewed through Safari?

Or something else?

I managed to find the "academy " link you were referring to:

I went to, and it looks pretty old. It’s probably just a part of the older LingQ system, and that’s why everything seemed outdated.

The LingQ support team can correct me if I’m mistaken, but the Knowledge Base category/section seems to be the newer and more updated place for info on how to use LingQ:

Thanks for reporting, we will check that.