Another lingQ question

During a lesson, I received a pop up that says I doubled my daily LingQ goal. The number was actually at 10, which is 3 less than my goal. When I finished the short lesson, the stats said I had 34. That seems pretty high. It seems like there is a glitch somewhere.

Your stats do show 34 LingQs created today. Are you sure that number isn’t correct? Can you send a link to a lesson you had problem with?

Hello Zoran. This just happened again today. I got the popup that says I doubled my LingQs when I have only done 4. Here is the link to the lesson - Login - LingQ

Strange. Your stats show 17 LingQs created yesterday and 27 today. Does these number looks fine? Is the issue only with that popup showing up for no reason or do you actually get double LingQs?
Based on 17 LingQs you have for yesterday, that sounds like correct number and nothing was doubled.