Another issue identified with accidentally completed lessons

When you import a vocabulary list into LingQ, it saves those words as lingq’s, not as known words. This means that for any known words from that imported vocabulary list, you would have to go back and mark them as known manually. If you accidentally complete a lesson, and then go back into the lesson to make lingq’s for all of those words that weren’t supposed to be added to your vocabulary(which is the only “solution” right now, said by the developers); Now your vocabulary is mixed up with mislabeled words that you either do or don’t know. You would either have to decide to live with your now messed up stats and inaccurate lingq’s; or take the time to sort them out, which could easily become hours.

When importing Vocabulary, you are actually importing terms to your Vocabulary list (LingQs). You can’t import Known words, that was never possible.

Semantics. The “terms” that make up your vocabulary list are your vocabulary.

Semantics. I’m talking about importing words that I already know,. Words that I’ve already learned from other learning programs. Words that I know. Known words.

Whatever the case, the above problem is just one more glaring reason why this issue should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Again, you can’t import Known words, it’s not a bug or issue, that was never possible.
In case you prefer to make some certain words Known, you can import them as a lesson, then simple mark them all as Known in a lesson. That way they will be added to Known words stats.

That’s not at all what I’m talking about. I’m just going to assume that I wasn’t clear in my post and in my comments, because there is something you’re not understanding about what I’m saying. No worries.

While I have you here, when is the next update scheduled for?

Sorry if I misunderstood you! If you want, you can email me on zoran(at) with more details and I’ll gladly assist.
Beta version for iOS and Android app are already released and are being updated regularly. If you use iOS or Android app, you can join the beta.
For web, beta hasn’t been released yet and I don’t have a date yet for web update.