Another day, another bug

{I could not upload the 5/6th picture}and the 5/6th picture with google chrome shows me the same error as in firefox, after I selected 10 words, is this error just for me? (The same error occurs with all lessons in which I select 10 words. 9 I’m fine, 10 … ERROR)

I understand that the lessons when they are imported can be a disaster regarding the splitting of the lesson, not to mention all the bugs in the sound, I listen 12min, 3min is recorded, if I am not careful from 10min, 30min is recorded. I have to look at past lessons, gather my minutes to find out how many I really have … and much more.
I like LingQ, otherwise I wouldn’t have written all this, and that’s why maybe I can be helped at least with this little bug from above, maybe.

You can highlight and save a maximum of 9 words at once. That is the limit that exist for years. However, that error message you see is strange, you should see this message on the right, from the attached screenshot.
i’ll investigate that Firefox problem.

Hello, Zoran, I “solved” the problem, if I keep the sidebar on the right open the page DOES NOT CLOSE / Does not give the error when I select 10 words.
But IF I CLOSE THE SIDEBAR FROM RIGHT , IT GIVES ME THE ERROR when i select 10 words, until it is solved I will stay with the sidebar on the right open.

Great, thanks for letting me know. On my end, I can’t see that error message even with the side bar closed. But I’ll ask our testers to try reproducing the issue on their end. We’ll try to figure out what’s going on on your end.

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Hi, I found what is causing me the error, I know 100%, I can always create it with a setting from “Reader Setting”.
If I keep activated “Full status bar on mini-popup widget” + closed sidebar, when I choose 10 words it gives me the error "Something went wrong
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘count’) "

BUT if I keep it off it doesn’t give me the error anymore.
Try to see for yourself if so.
Strange, but it works … for me at least.

@iSilencio Nice, good catch! Thanks, I was able to reproduce it now.
We will have it fixed.

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