Another comment about google translation in lingq

hello, everyone. I know that several people already brought up the automatic google translation disappearance problem, but i was wondering whether we can reasonably hope see it again in Lingq system or not.
Just because i used to find it so convenient.
thanks, bye

pascal, you will have to wait a little while we try to come up with solutions. Please be patient.

esperamos que resolva, era muito útil enquanto funcionava

Hi, guys, I know you know about the missing google translation links but please try to fix. I find it really hard to read long texts without it.

@maxtonwalker - We are working on this and should have it working in our next update which should happen in the next week or two.

Is it going to be Google Translator again or you found an alternative?

It should be Google Translator again.

In the mean time, I am left with no option but to learn all the thousands of lingQs I created using google translate :wink:

Good, during these days without the pop-up I have been checking out the rest of the dictionaries. Still Google translate is the one I prefer because it loads quickly, always gives something, and it allows to put more than one word which is great.
There’s one extra thing I found out, it also lets you choose between different options with one click. If that feature was there before I didn’t notice it, of course it is still not as accurate as having a set of definitions from a proper dictionary but it is a nice step forward that gives flexibility when looking for hints while keeping it clean and simple.
Mark, do you know if that will be embedded into the pop-up? Or there is no chance at all?

@Diego - That won’t be embedded in the popup. The popup is meant to be quick. If you want another hint or to check other sources you will have to open the widget and check the dictionaries. However, we are working on speeding up that part of things. Stay tuned…

Ok, thanks!