Annoying TTS Swedish voice


I posted a message on the forum in August regarding the female Swedish voice that is very robotic and annoying and asked if it would be possible to be able to choose between voices like this in the near future :

It’s not a huge issue but it’s annoying regardless. Especially since everytime I click on a dictionary, the voice says the words again and again (probably to help learning it) so it may as well be a pleasant one.

Thanks for reading!

We use Google TTS voices at the moment, but we do have in plans to add other TTS options on the upcoming update.

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I have the same issue, where the voice just pronounces wrong. However, you speak of an update. I heard Steve Kaufmann speak of an update early in 2020 (before I was a member). Could you guys lift a tip of vale and tell us or show us what is coming? What is going to change? Is there an approximate ETA?

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You can turn off the automatic reading of the word in the settings. I do, at least on the app. Desktop I leave it on usually.

It won’t be much help on the word reading, or sentence view speech…but if you have some imported text that doesn’t have any audio you can use this site:

They have pretty good voicings for German. The Swedish sounded better to me than Google Translate TTS (caveat…I don’t know Swedish or how it should sound like).

In any event, you could create audio from the site and upload it for any articles you might import. There are some limitations on the amount of words you can do per day for free, but small articles fit pretty nicely and you can pay more on a per day basis or for a year it looks like.

Thank you for your advice, the German voices are really neat indeed. Though, the Swedish voice on this site is the same as the one LingQ uses on desktop haha. Even if it sounds awful, it does sound better than the Google translate TTS that is used on Android.

Sweet, I’m glad to hear that!

Could be!..yes, the app seems to have different voices than desktop LingQ.