Annoying LingQ-Chalenges

It wasn’t before, but now if I start checking my vocabulary in different languages - suddenly appears this importunate, annoying notice from Lingq-Challenges that I take part in the Lingq’s challenges!..
THere are now 4 or 5 imposed challenges in my timetable!..
I don’t want any challenges!.. I hate any challemnges!..
I’d like just to improve my language abilities without any hurry and without any challenge!
I’d like to enjoy it and not to be a language- sportsman!


I’d actually like to see more of them. As with the monthly LingQing challenge, I’d like to see separate monthly challenges for conversations with tutors, listening through the system, and submitting writing on the exchange. Also, I think it would be fun if there were some really elite badges that were extremely difficult to obtain, like creating 6000 LingQs in a month or some such number. Badges could also be awarded to tutors and lesson providers for various milestones.

Anyway, just a thought.


Yesterday I got the message "Congratulations on signing up for the 1000 Word Challenge for English! Meet your targets and make a breakthrough in your English! " and some seconds later “You have successfully completed the 1000 Word Challenge for English! Way to go!” on my profile.

I do not get the point why I’ve gotten automatically enroled in challenges. I don’t want this. If I want this I would sign up!

This happened to me too. Obviously, it’s a glitch of some sort.

Sorry about that. We changed some logic on the 1000 word challenges which made all users who have more than 1000 words see both those messages. It shouldn’t happen again.
@solanderdog - We would like to add more and more challenges like you suggest over time. We know that many users find them motivating.

I got the same message - I’d completed a 1000 words Spanish challenge. Now, I am pretty sure I haven’t signed up for any challenge recently. It’s not an issue at all I am actually pretty happy because I had failed to complete a challenge twice before.:slight_smile:

Anyway I must admit I am of two minds about the challenges. They may be motivating but personally I’ve failed twice because there is simply not enough time with everyday duties and stuff. I had to force myself to listen to audio material not because I wanted to or had time for it but because I had to meet the goals.

I had once have a look at Chinese resources on lingq and it the system enrolled me into the challenge 1000 words for Chinese. I am not learning Chinese so I do not think I can ever fulfil this challenge. I would like to leave this challenge but I do not know how.

Hi Sarka1,
You can delete studying progress for languages which you don’t want to learn on the Settings Page, Languages Tab (Login - LingQ).

@Sarka1, you are signed up automatically for that challenge but you can just ignore it. There is no downside to being enrolled nor is there a time limit.

Thank you for your advice.

Well, I was just congratulated on first signing up for and then completing my 1000 word challenge in Swedish. And I haven’t even been online for a long while.

Congratulations! :)~~

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