Ankidroid .apkg import null error

When attempting to import an .akpg file (anki file) directly into anikdroid (anki for android) you receive a “null” error.

You can work around this by importing a .apkg on windows and sync accross. But if you dont have access to a computer it prevents you updating your anki deck.

Please provide guidance. Thanks.

Just to confirm this issue is for Lingq expirts only. All other types of .apkg file expirts work fine, but when i try and export from lingq to Ankidroid I get the null error.

Hence this seems to be a problem with how lingq is formating the anki files not with anki itself

We will look into it and see what we can do. Thanks for reporting.

Are there any news about this topic?

Not yet, I asked our team what is the status here.