Anki vocabulari

I thought initially that this was a glitch, but when I practice vocabulary, and write a correct word, it always gives me error / wrong, please see the screenshot below.

Also, while every day I try to read a bit, it also informed me that I’ve lost my streak (even though I was on every day). Then I tried to ‘repair it’ and it just instead told me to join a challenge and I had to join one to get out of that screen.

How do I return my streak back? I feel it is very demotivating in both instances. Maybe for streak you can have 25/30 days, so it counts days in the past month, instead looking at a zero after a long effort.

Thank you in advance and Happy New Year for all!

Your streak has been fixed.

Regarding the review, please note that it’s actually a dictation test, so you need to type an original word, not a translation. The correct answer in your screenshot would be “novatrices”.

Thank you very much, it is very appreciated!

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