Anki for dummies

I haven’t used Anki in a few years. I still have a few Anki decks accessible via my account. However, I don’t see how to create a deck and import files there. I reinstalled the Anki app, and it doesn’t seem to recognize me or my Ankiweb account, and the interface is completely non-intuitive to me.

How are you all using Anki vis-a-vis LingQ? I have exported my lingq’s as Anki files, but now on my Ankiweb account, I see no way to create a deck and import files.

I saw a previous post on someone creating a script, etc., but that is above my computer skills level. I just want to be able to import the anki files I created directly from LingQ into new decks. Thanks!

You need to download the app and upload the .csv through that