Anki Basic & Cloze Review of Linqs

I exported my lingqs into an Anki file and imported them into Anki. I want to perform basic and reverse-type reviews as well as cloze reviews. Anki creates cards for both “LingQ Card” and “Cloze Review”. However, to edit the “phrase” field to hide the target word, I have to first modify the note type to Cloze, then edit the field. Am I approaching this wrong? Is there a way to change all of the Cloze Review cards to a Cloze type in one operation before I begin editing the phrase fields on them?

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Also wondering, what’s the best way to be able to take all linq’d words and phrases and create an SRS deck or decks that I will work like a traditional SRS system, knowing when already reviewed cards should pop up, and allowing me to choose how many new cards I go through every day.