Anki assistance

I just downloaded Anki.

I tried to export my French vocab from LingQ (into a .csv file), but all the accents had disappeared by the time the list was in spreadsheet form.

As a novice Anki-user, I don’t know how to fix this. Can anyone offer any advice?

I’ve had the same problems with my German and Russian vocabulary lists. The German letters (ü, ä and ö, maybe ß) as well as any Cyrillic letter are displayed as о Ñв and so on.

Hi, this probably has to do with the encoding of the exported .csv file, and the encoding your other program supports (e.g. excel). There are the 8 bit encodings and the various length encodings, unicode. When you export in one encoding format, you should first display it in that same format to be able to see all the characters. You could post this message on the Support forum for more technical help from LingQ.

The LingQ download file is a comma-delimited CSV file in UTF-8.
It has three fields per line: Term, Translation, Example.

You create in Anki a new file and change the two fact fields to three.
Then you start an import, choose the downloaded LingQ file, and select as delimiter a comma - just input a “,” - without the “”. Works with me.

If you want to import the file into OpenOffice then choose UTF-8, comma-sep., and text delim = "

Hope that helps.

I’m afraid that these fancy features requires a lot of workarounds and installments of new programs (it’s not the first time…).

quoting myself from 2 years ago:

I use it with my french vocabulary and Anki and it works great, just perfect. I don’t have any strange coding problem. âáà seemsI to be fine.

I don’t open it with the spreadsheet program (“numbers”, in my case). I open it with “textedit” (a program just like notepad) and then save it as “.txt”

You see strange characters in the .txt just like jeff says, but then I import it to Anki and you see them all just fine there.

When I import the vocabulary to Anki I have to add a third field in the model for the “example” field. Put too that you don’t want any definition repeated so you can import every week or month the entire vocabulary database and this way Anki will only add the new words to your deck.

I also made a video, but I’m not sure if it really helps - YouTube

Thanks for that, Berta. I’ll give it a try!

no problem! If you have any trouble just let me know, we can use ichat and do it there.

Thanks for your help Berta, I’ll have to look into this sometime on the weekend perhaps. :slight_smile:

no problem Peter :)))