Anime Phrases Broly DBZ

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been studying speaking Japanese and kanji by going over anime phrases from some of my favorite clips and have a quick question.

Can anyone help transcribe what Broly says to Goku at the end of this clip? Broly Turning Into Legendary SSJ (Original Japanese) - YouTube

The English dub states “You Kakorot, I choose you to be the first of my victims.”


P.S. Has anyone seen the new trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie?


Yutaka, this is awesome - Thanks!

Gern geschehen!

I was not even aware of this DBZ character. If he is a Saiyan where is his tail?

Broly is pretty popular among DBZ fans, probably one of the most popular characters actually. However, he is only in the DBZ movies.

Dragonball wiki might have more info!