Anime in Spanish

Me being a massive anime fan I would be overjoyed if I could find a source where I can watch anime with Spanish audio and with Spanish subtitles but my only source seems to be netflix which is not so good.

would anyone be able to help me out?


You can watch anime in spanish in plently of pages. I am mexican, so obviosly, I prefer latin american spanish accent. The quantity of series that you can watch is kind of limitated though, there are many series that has not been dubbed.

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I think you’re the first Mexican I’ve seen on LingQ. Muy cool-o.

Do these have subs?

Watching anime is a wonderful way to practice your listening comprehension for many languages. I’ve done it quite often in the past. If you like it, you’ll enjoy it and the fact that they’re translated and that their storylines and dialogues are to some extent predictable makes comprehension easier.
However, it’ll be very hard for you to find anime that’s at the same time dubbed and subtitled in the same language. Fans tend to consider that simply redundant.
My advice would be for you to “bite the bullet” and watch anime in Spanish without subtitles. Try to pick up sentences and the general gist of the scenes. Just watch a bit, then rewatch it in English and check how much information you got. It’s a kind of “bilingual watching”.

Thanks for your advise but I don’t think I am no where near ready to be watching series without subtitles hahah maybe once my word count is much higher! Thanks always for your advise

Anime is not “Narcos”, you can find some that are not very difficult to understand

I’m sorry that I’m unable to help you, Todoroki-kun, but I wanted to thank you for giving me this idea. I will be using it in my studies in french. It was just in time, I have just started to rewatch One Piece and if I find a dubbed version I think it will be great. I have watched animation movies before, but never thought in actually watching an anime.

About audio and subtitles, maybe you can actually find subtitles around? Not hardcored in the video, you know? But they will definitely be different of the dubbed version.

Thank you again, and good luck.


In spanish, no. Only japanese with spanish subs

For me I’m actually able to understand news, conversations, etc better than anime. It seems like what sounds like a single “aaarrggh” from a character carries a lot of meaning once you look at the subtitles sometimes.

[EDIT] when watching anime in Japanese

i am looking for anime in spanish from some time due to I am learning this new language from this portal and trying to understand it in my favourable language. To get the dubbed anime you can try 12 Dubbed Anime Sites Working 2022 | WowGold-it is good. Also, don’t forget, if you can have the transcripts you can add the anime into LingQ and use it to study :smiley: How to Use Anime Subtitles to Help Improve Your Japanese - LingQ Blog