Android update changes make reading slower

In the most recent update - 5.5.16(432) I noticed a change regarding the display of the “known” levels when clicking a word in the content. It no longer displays all the levels below (with current one highlighted), but rather just the current level in the upper right corner of the “pop-up”. Although, it is perhaps tidier, it adds an extra click one now needs to do to change the level of known. Before, you would click on the word, and then one more click to change the level. Now you have to click on the word, click on the current level in the right hand corner, and then select the level. 3 clicks vs. 2 clicks. If “tidiness” was a big ask, is it possible to make this optional so those of us that would prefer less clicks and speed to tidiness can have that back?

I do notice that if in sentence mode, and if you have the selection to show vocabulary at the bottom, if you click on the word, it has the “old style” popup (albeit in full screen for some reason?) with the levels across the bottom. One can also select the “level number” on the left of the bottom vocabulary and for both you get the 2 click option. However, if you have vocabulary turned off you don’t have any 2 click option to adjust the levels. Furthermore, even if you have the vocabulary section turned on, you’re still trying to read above and it’s just more fluid to click above.

The other thing that changed with this that I don’t like much is that before, for a blue word, I could choose right away a certain level of known. Maybe I “sort of” know it and want to set as level 2 or 3. Now, again, I have to 2 click, swipe and then click a 3rd time. Two more actions required than before.

Bug: In the bottom vocabulary in sentence mode, if you click the number, even if it is a higher level than 1, it always has 1 highlighted, rather than the current level.

Disappeared? In the English Language section, the “German” version of DeepL and Pons are no longer choices to add to the list of dictionaries. They were before.

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Thanks for your feedback and report. I’ll forward this to our team and we will look into it.

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