Android Playlist Question

Is there a trick to making the playlist play each lesson, in order?

I have created a playlist with ten tracks and I want to listen to the entire thing playlist day. Each day I want to drop the oldest lesson off…and add a new lesson to the playlist. But I just can’t seem to get the lessons on my playlist to play in order, no matter how I set the two icons. (One icon looks like interweaving arrows. The other looks like two arrows circulating.)

interweaving arrows
this is ‘shuffle’

two arrows circulating
this is ‘repeat’

In general if I press Play for the playlist - it plays all tracks in order (shuffle toggled off). If I hit on a row, it plays that track only. If I hit the arrow at the end of a row, it brings me to that lesson.

Thank you! I think you mean that if I could somehow hit the play without having highlighted any particular lesson, that all tracks from the entire playlist will play in order.
However. one of the lessons is always highlighted. I am not sure how to un-highlight…