Android Playlist Issues

When playing audio from my playlist on my Android phone the audio will play for about 15-20 seconds it does not matter what audio it is, after the above time the audio will stop playing?

I have version 4.4.1

Please can this be looked into?

I have tried clearing the cashe and uninstalling and reinstalling the application but still having the same issues.

Strange, I can’t reproduce that. Are you sure that audio was 100% loaded in the moment when you started to play it? If it start to play and it shows less seconds than audio actually have, just restart it again by clicking on it and it should start again with fully loaded audio.

Yeah all the audio is fully loaded what I have noticed is that when I am opening other apps for example I had notes open while I was at the gym and reading my workout routine and having lingq audio play in the background, the whole app crashed and cut off the audio?! then what I have noticed also that if I only have the lingq app open AND ONLY THE LINGQ APP while my phone is locked the audio will be fine. but its stopping me from using any other apps other than lingq? please can this be looked into.