Android phone - how to clear previously downloaded wrong audio?

I mistakenly uploaded the wrong audio for a lesson using the lingq website and then downloaded on my Samsung phone. I realized it was wrong and went back to the website and changed the audio to be correct however I can’t figure out how to “clear” the bad audio file that is “tied” to that lesson from my phone. Is there a way to clear the cache for lingq on Android so to speak? I’ve tried refreshing the app, closing and reopening the app but the audio file is still hanging on for dear life. Any suggestions appreciated.

Solution: The only way I could figure out how to get the correct audio to download was to uninstall the Lingq app from the phone and re-install it. That resets the lesson’s audio to be downloaded.

In the settings there is a “clear audio cache” option which should do the trick.


Yes, you can just clear the cache under app’s settings.

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