Android or iPhone?

I want to study on lingq on my phone. Should I get the iphone 5 or an android (galaxy s3)?

I rarely actually make lingqs, I just like to play the audio on articles/lessons and read along with the text. Are both phones about the same for doing this?

On either phone, is it best to use the website from the browser or use the lingq app for what I will be doing? Also, Which system has the better lingq app or are they the same?

Also, I currently have a Sony Ericson (android) and if I go to the site on the browser, I can only read articles/lessons but not play the audio on them, why is this so? And on the app it says I have to upgrade to play the audio. On my mom’s iphone 4, I can play the audio from the website and I haven’t tried the app yet.

Thanks, sorry if this has been asked before.

@oscarvega - I am partial to iPhone so you may want another opinion but we do have fewer user problems with the iPhone app than the Android app. We are working to make both apps problem free but just so you know. Regarding listening to audio, at the moment that is only available to paying members on either app.

I have really started disliking apple. Particularly with their (hypocritical?) approach to lawsuits against competitors. Samsung s3 is just so much better than anything apple is doing at present, and to not have to be locked into itunes or iproducts is very refreshing.

As far as apps go, I have never really understood why people place a big emphasis on this. For language learning, all you need are downloaded mp3 files with lyrics content.

if you are going to buy a phone JUST for LingQ or MOSTLY for LingQ, then get the iPhone. If you plan to use it for other purposes, I cannot advise you.
Use the LingQ app rather than the browser to read lessons, listen to lessons and study flash cards. However, the app does restrict you to a certain reasonable number of lessons and a limited though adequate amount of mp3 space. Remember, to study any lesson, you have to use a browser to open it for the first time.
My two cents.

in general a Samsung Galaxy S3 is my clear favorite (I just was reading a comparing article btw. SGS3 LTE and iPhone5 what confirms it).
As for using LingQ App I have some objections to it but I think the problems are in script of the app, not in Android.