Android or iPhone with lingq?

I am really enjoying working with lingq I’ve been learning for years like this but without having everything in one nice convenient place.

Now I need to buy a new phone. Lingq is one of the most important apps for me. Am I right in thinking that the iPhone app is better on the iPhone? I had a quick go the other day and out seemed more complete than the android version in which it is difficult to make Lingq’s out of sentences and once one has selected a word as known in it one can’t go back to deselect it.

Really, this is discriminating against android users. It would seem like getting an iPhone would be the best option but on the other hand as I travel around a lot and live in China buying an huawei with two SIM card slots would be the best option for me.

What about your experiences? Am I missing something in the android APP? If not why won’t Lingq make a quality APP for it? Also, in China using Lingq is a pain without a vpn…

Hi delectric,
We are going to release new Android app soon too, which will match the quality of the iOS app and will be huge improvement in both performance and design. If you have Android device, and if you are interested, we can make you beta tester and you can try new Android app right away.

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can i beta test the app?

Sure, please send me an email to zoran(at) and let me know what is your gmail address which you are using for Google Play on your Android device.

I would love to be a beta tester.

Great, you are now a beta tester. Please check your email.

I’ve been using the beta Android app and love it. Though it is beta it is quite usable for my day-to-day Lingqing. I have found a few things that I’d like to provide feedback on as soon as I have time to get on the service that they have set up for that. But it’s pretty good as is, and I’m looking forward to the official release.

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Glad to hear you like it!