Android - missing dictionaries

I’m creating a separate thread for this issue as it has now crept into my primary target language work as well:

Most recent update - 5.5.16(432)

I’m not sure if this is related specifically to android, or ios as well.

In the other thread I mentioned I was working in target language English (I’m using this in reverse to practice my “output” to German). There, if I change my dictionary version for the popup to German, I’m not seeing DeepL or Pons (and probably some others that were there before).

Now, while working in my target language of German, this morning, my “active” dictionaries were almost all missing. Out of 10+ that I uses regularly there were just 4. I no longer see, for English, ones like DeepL, google translate, google images, pons (possibly others). From the German list of dictionaries, I don’t see Duden, DWDS, DeepL, WIktionary, and probably more.

Note: I checked on ios and everything seems ok there, although the dictionaries to add are not in alphabetical order which is difficult to find what you want.

We are investigating the issue, thanks for reporting.

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Hi @zoran,
I see that all the English popup dictionaries are back, but many of the German ones are still missing…Duden, DWDS, DeepL, Wiktionary, (more)?

Thanks, I’ll ask our team to check that again.

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Thanks @zoran , I’m seeing the German dictionaries I was looking for now as well

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