Android listen along bug

On android, I have a bug in the “listen along” mode where you hear the audio and the words are highlighted at the same time…

The issue is that some sentences get stuck and the highlighting and the scrolling don’t progress… but frustratingly jump back to the previous audio.

Is this a known bug and is there anything I can do (beta version) to correct it? It’s really impacting my progress.

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Sorry to hear that. Can you please provide an example lesson you have that issue with?

This might be a timestamping issue.

Something similar has happened to me in the private lessons I import. (I focus mainly on private content, so no LingQs to share with the support team).

Check your timestamps for each sentence and make sure the timestamps progress chronologically as each sentence of you text is reviewed by you (in edit sentence mode or edit lesson mode.

This is an example of what happens when your timestamping is not consecutive — all the way:

Note: The title “sentence” here had a time stamp of 0:00 - 01:50, so it would highlight the title line with the correct text lines, but not scroll properly as a result.

And make sure no timestamps overlap because the LingQ reader can’t handle sentences that are spoken at the same time, but separated as separate sentences in the audio.

I hope this helps!