Android improvement

I am really happy to notice that the former problems with classroom shelves on the Android app seem to be fixed…at least in the main part.

We can now access the courses I share with my students directly through the app instead of opening them first from a browser in order to make them move to the continue studying shelf.

I can now ask my students to use LingQ without having to warn the Android users that their experience will be less than optimal.



So another Android problem showing up. Yesterday I made a new playlist and added it to one of my classroom. There should be two shelves showing for that classroom now. And there are on a PC and an iphone.

But the new shelf doesn’t show up on the android devices…This is a problem!

Thanks, we will check that. Are you saying that both shelves show up properly on website but only one on Android app?

Whoops! I just found the shelf that I said wasn’t showing up on Android. It was WAY down at the bottom of all the other LingQ shelves, far removed from the rest of my class shelves…

So that is good. But is there a way to get it to show up above in the same area as my other classroom shelve?

Ah, great, glad to hear it’s there. We’ll look into it and check why it appears at the bottom.