Android doesn't load next lesson

My student reports that the “next lesson” button isn’t working. He is trying to do Spanish mini-lessons and always has to search for the next lesson to continue.


He’s probably already at the last lesson. Sometimes I find that if I’m on a particular lesson, it won’t allow me to go back to the course page, which is slightly annoying.

Thanks for your reply. Actually, though, he is only on lesson 31 out of 60 lessons so that’s not the problem this time.

Now two of my students are reporting this problem.

Thanks for letting us know, we will look into it. I’ll let our Android developers know.

Just to specify…This isn’t on the beta version. This is on the old app. Another student reports this happening on her iphone as well.

This probably isn’t a new problem and has probably been addressed before. I just don’t know where.