Android Beta Playlist problem

With the Original Android App when you oprned a lesson for the first time the audio was downloaded and you had a visual representation showing the percentage downloaded. You could then add it to a playlist and everything worked fine.
With the beta there is, as far as I can see know way of knowing if a lessons audio is downloaded Today I tried it for the first time I opened 3 lessons on the app and added them to the playlist. They appeared in the playlist and played fine with Wi-Fi. I then tried to play them offline in the car and ZI only had part of the first lesson and none of the other two although they were all still listed on the app. Help please as listening in the car is an important part of my lesons

Hello Paul. For now the track is only cached when its played. We will set the automatic download when a track is on the playlist. The app is in beta, so if its necessary please revert to the old version.