Android Audio player problem

Hey! I’ve been using LingQ for over a year and never had any problems with the app when I had an iPhone. Then I bought an Android phone (S23 Ultra) and there I always had the problem that the audio just pauses about a minute after starting and doesn’t continue playing when my phone is locked.

I thought that the problem might be with my phone, but I now have a new Android phone (Z Fold 5) and the problem still persists.

As I would like to listen to my playlists on the train (while my phone is locked), I would love to fix this somehow. Is that possible? :innocent:

x Blake

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It seems there might be an issue with the newer Android version, especially considering the introduction of several new privacy features. I’m using android 12 at the moment and it works fine, I’d recommend sending more information to support via email at include details like your Android OS version, LingQ app version (if possible), and specifics about when this issue first began occurring etc.

We are looking into the issue, thanks for reporting.