Android audio loading issue

The audio sometimes just doesn’t load for lessons in the andriod app, no matter how long I leave it for.
Sometimes it loads, but the audio is text-to-speech audio instead of the original.
I have to keep clearing audio cache and retrying until it actually loads.
This is extremely frustrating because I can’t even use the app’s basic functionality this way.

Same thing happens to me.
Sometimes audio stops loading in the middle and I have to restart the app for a couple of times and sometimes audio plays only for a second and then stops again - like an invisible finger kept hitting the play button.

Similar issues… I had hoped that 5.0 would bring a stable android app but it looks to be as (if not more) buggy than 4.0

For the TTS playing instead of the real audio, I have found clearing the app cache and restarting the app sometimes helps.

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Do you have that problem with specific lessons/course maybe? Can you please provide an example?

It seems random. But for example Croatian mini-story no. 37. Audioloading stops at 10 %. Now I’m rererestarting the app, still haven’t succeed.