Android app


I’m just wondering when the android app is going to get the update the it really needs. Right now the app is a pain to use, at least for me; it crashes constantly, it is very slow and when adding lessons to a playlist many times it does not work at all.

I would also like to be able to use other apps while listening to a lesson.

Are you working on any of this?

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@LaTartaruga - Our new update is coming along nicely, but it’s not yet ready for release. The new version will resolve any issues that exist in the current version, and will also include significant updates to the functionality. Our iOS app will be out first, so that will give you a taste of what the Android app will look like :slight_smile:

Okay, sounds very promising=) When are you planning on releasing the android version then, approximately?

@LaTartaruga - I don’t have any dates for you yet, but we’ll do our best to get it out soon :slight_smile: