Android App - Words/phrases split on page breaks

In Android App in multi-sentence mode, generally it is not possible to tap on the last word displayed on the screen on each page (unless there is enough space between the word and screen edge).
Also, often long words (or phrases) get split so that one half is displayed on one screen, and another half is displayed on another screen, and that word is not marked with special color (either blue or yellow) even if the word is LingQ-ed or new. When tapping on words before the last on the screen, the app won’t show phrases which are partially displayed on the next screen (it displays only phrases which are contained on the single screen).

Can you fix this, or alternatively provide an option to disable paging, so that complete text is shown on a single screen?
Or you might give an option to only page on complete sentences, or something like that. It seems that this is how it works in Web Browser.

Hi eevan,
In which study language you noticed these issues? I’ll try to reproduce the issue on my end, that will help us to fix it Thanks!

Hi Zoran,

I just updated to the latest version, and it still behaves the same.


Thanks, we will get that fixed.
Hvala! :slight_smile:

Actually, this happens in other languages as well.
For example, in French:

  1. 1-last-word hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB - When tapping on word une, it has only a blue outline (but at least here it shows a popup). Sometimes it may happen that when you tap on the last word (which could be a single character in some languages) nothing happens at all…
  2. 2-next-to-last-word hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB - When tapping on the previous word d’apprendre it is normally highlighted
  3. 3-phrases-partial hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB - When tapping the second time, only partial list of phrases is shown (it doesn’t take into account words on the next screen).
  4. - When the font size is reduced (in Android settings) and the complete sentence is shown on one screen, tapped word is correctly highlighted
  5. 5-phrases-all hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB - Also when the complete sentence is shown, the list of phrases is now much bigger than before (compare with picture in point 3)
    I couldn’t find an option to upload photos here so I had to use external service.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: