Android app: Swedish text-to-speech

Tip for anyone not hearing text to speech on a Android device:

Using the latest 3.1.7 on Android 4.4.2 on a Samsung S5 I couldn’t get text-to-speech for Swedish working when I clicked the speaker icon on the word or sentence view. Nothing happened. Russian language worked fine.

I fixed the problem by going to system settings, Text-to-speech, selecting Samsung text-to-speak engine and downloading the Swedish voice from there. I quit the LingQ application and started it again and now Swedish text-to-speech is working. Russian still works.

Swedish is not in the list for downloadable TTS voice data packages on Android.

If anyone has any comments or advice on what is the best setup for the best quality text-to-speech on Android for the LingQ app, I’d be happy to hear.

Another user has reported this issue and we’ve been looking into it. Initially it seems to be an issue with Google Translate, as it’s working for some other languages that aren’t supported by the Google Text-to-Speech app, but we are continuing to look into this and will hopefully come up with a better solution here. I’ll be in touch soon if we need any additional information while trying to resolve this one!

This should hopefully be working better now in the latest version, 3.1.8. We ended up looking into quite a few different options here, and found that the Swedish issue was a problem with the Google TTS app. It should hopefully be working now, though let us know if you’re still having trouble here.