Android app - sentence mode "show translation" "button"

I feel something might’ve changed with the “hit box” on the “show translation” “button”. In the past few days it it feels much more difficult to “click”. Like the hit box has become MUCH smaller…or possibly the font became smaller (and therefore the “hit box”). I’m finding I often need to click 3 or 4 times before I get it just right.

Has something changed in regards to this? I’ve never noticed a problem before, and there was a recent update.

To be clear, I’m quite clearly not hitting “accurately”, but I think before it was much more forgiving and now it’s very difficult for me to hit it precisely.

We haven’t actually made any change there. But I’ll ask with our Android developers if they can look into it and do anything. Thanks.

Interesting. I could’ve sworn it looked a little different (like the show translation was bolder and or smaller). I think just a slight increase in the hit box would help a lot, as long as it doesn’t interfere with anything else. If it would, I’d leave it as is. I’m probably just getting old. =D

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You’re right, there is almost no padding around the button to press on. Will fix this for the next release.


Thanks Tiago, that would be fantastic

@tiagosalvador. Thank you for updating scrolling in the Sentence Mode on the Android app. :slight_smile:

With the update, I’ve noticed that when the sentence is very long (so you need to scroll), if you click on a word to get its definition (or add one), it automatically scrolls to the bottom of the page. Eg. If I click on, say, the fifth word in an 80 word sentence (i.e. long) to look up the definition, it will automatically scroll to the bottom, then shows the pop-up for the definition. So when you’re done checking/adding a definition, you close the pop-up and then have to scroll back up to where you were before.

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