Android app: playlist skips either even or odd tracks

Dear LingQ team,

first of all, let me thank you so much for creating this platform. I’ve been learning spanish for 35 days now and I’ve progressed way (!) beyond my intitial expectations. Muchas gracias!

In the android app I’ve experienced a bug when playing tracks in the playlist. Beginning from track 1 only tracks 3, 5, 7, … are played. Similary, beginning from track 2 only tracks 4,6,8,… are played.

To reproduce

  • add any course with multiple lessons to playlist
  • start playing from even numbered track → playback only plays even numbered tracks
  • star playing from odd numbered track → playback only plays odd numbered tracks

Phone: Sony Xperia F5321
Android Version: 8.0.0
Software: LingQ v. 4.9.8 (275)

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Hello! Sorry about that. We are already familiar with that issue and it will be fixed after next app update, which should occur in few days. Thanks for your patience.

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Hi zoran,

great! Thanks for fixing this.