Android app play button requiring 2 taps to play

LingQ v. 4.9.8 (275)
Pixel 3a Android 10

Ever since the new Lingq release I’ve been seeing an issue where the player, in both the app window and notification list playback is requiring two presses of the play button.

This happens after playing a lesson once. So for example, I open a lesson, click play. It starts playing. If I let it play through to the end. If I want to listen to the recording another time. If I hit play in the app, it resets the “progress” dot back to 00:00, but doesn’t play. It requires a second press of the play button to get it to play.

This also happens in the notification list. I open a lesson, click play. It plays through. If I have moved from the app (minimized, switched to a different app, turned off the screen), if I then go to my notification list to press play on the Lingq notification, it requires two presses of the play button to get it to play again.

It wasn’t this way before. I have noticed an issue with the play button in the app was fixed at some point (maybe in this last release). Before, if having played through once, pressing the play button again would not work at all no matter how many times you pressed. Perhaps it is this fix that is causing this new bug I described.

Thanks, we will get that fixed.

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Thanks! Definitely fixed in the latest version. Awesome =)

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