Android App is not working at all

So I’ve been having an issue with the app for the past day. The app will open up normally, but if I click on a lesson, I get the background ui for the lesson, but no text shows up. I’ve tried restarting the app, my phone, and uninstalling/reinstalling. Not sure what else to try next?

Sorry to hear that. The app works fine on my end.
Can you please let me know which app version you have installed at the moment and which device you are using it on?

After playing around with it more the last couple of days, I found that the problem happened when I was using dark mode. If I relogged after disabling it, the problem was gone. If I enable dark mode (my preferred setting), then occasionally the problem will still happen. If it does, I have this work around.

The device is a Moto G5 and LingQ is version 4.9.8.

Strange, I tested the app for a while in the Dark Mode but wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. I’ll check with our Android developer if he can figure it out. Thanks for reporting the problem.

I had the same issue. I restarted a few times, but had to sign out and sign back in without the dark mode to resolve the issue.

samsung G7 version 4.9.8

@darawascott Are you also unable to open a lesson properly in Dark Mode?

I am having this same problem, I’ve also been using dark mode. I wonder if it’s linked.