Android App flash cards not gaining higher status

Flash cards give higher status if i have the setting “Increased status removal” tapped. If status is not checked, I don’t get any status level up of cards with flash cards.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it’s meant to just keep the card there from status 1 to 4. If it’s not checked and you hit the card correct twice in a row, it should go up one level and vanish.

If this is an old bug and discussed plenty I can remove my thread if wanted :slight_smile:

I am sure I can be the reason why it ain’t working :slight_smile: Wouldn’t be the last time!

My internet with the phone does work, it loads the text right. I can adjust the level manually from the text and clicking on a word and altering the level. I use wireless internet and mobile phones own internet. My phone is a Samsung X-Cover.

Anyway I sure do like this whole package! Keep up the good work! And everybody start learning Norwegian now! ,)

@Masa1 - Thanks for the feedback. We’ll take a closer look into this soon!

@Masa1 - If Increased Status Removal is checked then it is supposed to remove the card from the current session when you get it right twice in a row. I looked into this and it seems there is something strange happening if Increased Status Removal is not checked. I’ve added an item to our list and we will hopefully get to it soon!