Android App doesn't track listening time

In the last weeks I’ve been editing my listening time by myself, because it doesn’t track automatically on my Android device like it did before. Is this a known issue or is something wrong with my device?

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Thanks for bringing this to our attencion. Our tech team is working on it.

Oddly it seems like it has been working for me recently (like last couple of days) where it hadn’t been for awhile prior to that. Unless it has something to do with generated audio vs. pre-recorded/uploaded audio.

Hi Tiago, been having the same issue with the player in chrome. The time is not counted and the files listening counter reset to 0 if go elsewhere and return to the player page.

I’m having same issue on Android App. Raised it with support some time ago, but haven’t heard anything recently.

I tried reinstalling the app, but the issue persists. Quite frustrating having to manually update my listening count/time every day.

Are you doing your listening through Playlist or lesson page? Sentence mode or page mode? Can you please give us more information that can help us figure out the issue? Thanks!

I’m not the poster you are replying to zoran, but today I’m not getting listening time recorded on a lesson where I had generated audio. In either sentence mode or “normal” mode. I almost never use playlist.

Lessons that have audio from contributors seem ok. Also lessons where I’ve uploaded the audio. It seems to be (for me) just the ones with generated audio.

I tried all options and nothing worked.

I’ve been having the same issue for over a month now, was wondering if there has been an update yet? My audio is also not tracking correctly, I did some 4 to 5 hours of listening through my playlist (I use android) yesterday during work and it tracked only 0.41 hours.

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Hi everyone, just to let you know that we will push a fix for the issue reported here soon. Thanks for your patience!