Android app cutting off the bottom of words on the flash cards


I have an android phone and the app cuts off the bottom of the words when I use the flascards, ie in Russian the bottom part of all the у & р have been cleanly sliced off by the box that has the hint and example phrase, but it is only for the flash cards of an individual lesson. The flashcards for the daily lingqs are normal. Compared to my iPhone, it looks like the font is a lot bigger. It’s a cheap phone I only bought for the two sims I have while travelling, but this is the only app that doesn’t work properly.

Any ideas what’s wrong?


Hi wato,
Sorry to hear that you’re having problem with this. I am using Android App too, and everything seems to be fine. I’ve just checked it. I am not sure if that could be problem with your phone.
If we receive another complain about this, we will definitely check it again, but it seems that everything works fine.

Thanks Zoran. Yes, it’s a funny problem, it’s the only app that works differently on my new phone. It is just very strange that the daily lingq flashcards are different from the ones in the lessons. No worries!