Android app crashes when attempting to copy

Hello, I just bought an Onyx Boox Page so that I could use the Lingq app there and reduce eye strain. I was using my iPad for hours every day, reading on Lingq, and I was getting headaches. So far, the e-ink is a much better experience, but there are other problems. First, even if I toggle over the button to “paging moves to known,” it doesn’t seem to get it, and every time I turn the page, Lingq asks me to click on the words I know/don’t know. That really interrupts the flow. I’ve tried restarting the device and deleting and re-installing the app multiple times.
I can live with that, but the main problem is that when I try to select a meaning in a dictionary to paste in a new meaning, I am able to do this successfully maybe two or three times, but then the app will crash if I try it again. So I have to reopen the app, find the lesson, and get going again. It’s not that time-consuming, but obviously annoying. Is there a fix for this or is the Android app just unstable?

Do you have the latest app version installed? What version do you have?

I just checked and I have version 5.5.23, updated on Sep 27, 2023. Otherwise, reading on an e-ink reader is a big improvement over the iPad.

Thanks, we will look into it.

thank you so much! I know that it could also just be something wonky with Onyx Boox and the way it all works together.