Android 5.0 in lesson info problem

On mobile it tells me a bunch of cool stuff in the lesson info tab. But I really need for it to tell me how many total words are in that lesson and it would be nice for the course as well. It does it on web is there a way to get it to fo this? Thank you!
Also when lingqing blue words the dictionaries are right thrre without sliding up can this be mad the same for yellow words? I often find myself editing lingqs just as much as i make new ones.

At the moment, the app shows # of New Words, LingQs and Known words, not the total words #. I’ll see with our developers if that’s in plans for the upcoming updates.

KK the reason I care is because with the current state of the auto counting of words read I need to be able to check it to make sure its counting right and logging into the web version on google on my phone to check number of words in each lesson is a bit of a hassle. Also there is plenty of space in the lesson info tab on mobile if you can convince then of it please do it would be a nice addition. Thanks Zoran!

Also is there any news of making the auto count words read optional? because I read on mobile and have to pause reading because of irl/work stuff a lot and this recounts the page even though I’m not reading (it has the potential to be great) but it isn’t working at all and after each lesson i manually fix it because its off. What’s the eta for this being fixed?

Not sure at the moment, lot of things are going on at the moment, we will let you know when changes happen.

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