Ancient Greek *PETITION*

I thought I’d add a special thread where those of us (I know there are several) who would like to see some Ancient Greek dialects added at LingQ along with Modern Greek can make our voices heard!

So for starters please count me in for Koine Greek and Attic Greek! :slight_smile:

Anyone else?

Why just some dialects? There should be two separate slots for Ancient and Modern Greek. Then, it will be easy to add dialects in the “Accent” field.

By the way, could the “Accent” field be changed into “Variety”?

Yes! Modern Greek please!

IMichele is right. There are only 2 slots needed: Ancient Greek and Modern Greek. I would vote for Ancient Greek. And Modern Greek would be such an easy addition after Ancient Greek that it surely should be done as well.

The problem is that Modern Greek has a few votes more than Ancient Greek in the Facebook poll (but it will soon be overcome by Hebrew, if the trend doesn’t change…). Anyway, I would also prefer to have Ancient Greek first.

@Ernie: I think people are currently voting in the LingQ Facebook poll for Greek (in the sense of “Modern Greek”) to be added soon. The point of this little petition is to ask Steve to add Ancient Greek as well at the same time. :wink:

So, so far we have votes from: Mike, rae68, Ernie, and me.

Anyone else?

There should be a petition to fix problems with diacritics (incorrect word splitting when diacritics are engaged) in non-Latin scripts. Adding a slot for Ancient Greek doesn’t make a lot sense without it.

As I wrote in the other thread, Greek words are recognized correctly in the Dutch slot, and another member tested all the activities like lingqing, flashcarding, etc., and they all worked.

Yirtse: Classical Greek would not be enough, since it would include all the different dialects like Doric, Ionic, Attic, which had some forms that differed a lot from each other. I suggested a number of possible “accents” in the previous thread.

“Ancient Greek should have the following “accents”: Doric, Aeolic, Ionic, Attic.
Modern Greek should have (at least) Demotic (“popular” Greek) and Katharevousa (from Wikipedia: “a semi-artificial sociolect promoted in the 19th century at the foundation of the modern Greek state, as a compromise between Classical Greek and modern Demotic. It was the official language of modern Greece until 1976”).”

Greek words are recognized correctly

With diacritics used for Ancient Greek or without them?

Remember guys - this is meant to be a petition thread :wink:

So, thus far we have votes from: Mike, rae68, Ernie, Imyirtseshem, Eugrus, and me - 6 votes.

I know there are several other LingQers who have expressed a wish for Ancient Greek on other threads in recent days/weeks - it’s time to stand up and be counted guys!

I am very interested in Ancient Greek being added. I took Koine Greek last year at school but I would love to use LingQ to brush up. Plus, once it is added I can mention it to my friends currently taking Greek (I study at a theological institution at the University of Toronto). So there is a vote from me and maybe some added incentive to add it quickly! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the vote, Jeremiah49 - that takes us up to 7 votes (with the added possibility of outside interest.)

Are you listening, Steve? Ancient Greek may bring in NEW paying members to LingQ! :wink:

I would not mind Ancient Greek, but I really want modern Greek!!!

A petition Rank? Really? Pulling from the “Book of annoying Lefty tactics to try get others to do what we want” now are we? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree odiernod. We should just threaten to nuke’em instead :slight_smile:

@doo, well, they are talking about ancient greek, so I think threatening to gift them a giant wooden horse would be more appropriate.

At any rate, seeing as how this is the first petition I’ve seen without “so-called progressive” political motives, at least its the first petition ever that doesn’t yet have votes from dead people and house pets! badum ching!

"its the first petition ever that doesn’t yet have votes from dead people and house pets! "

Can you be so sure? :slight_smile:

You know what, Odiernod, if Steve doesn’t add Ancient Greek, he’s going to end up like that big dude in the opening scenes of the film “Troy”! One thrust of the sword will suffice! :smiley:

Well, we’ve had at least 7 votes asking for Ancient Greek to be added along with Modern Greek (when the time comes.)

Is there anyone else?

C’mon guys, surely you aren’t ALL Dark-Ages phillestines…!? :smiley: