Ancient Greek Meetup

To any one interested in practicing Ancient Greek, there is a weekly Zoom meetup on Saturdays at10 am Pacific, organized by LingQ user James Rothering.

Here is the link for joining: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Comment below if you’re interested in joining.

For more info, message James: Login - LingQ

Sure. Haven’t been actively studying since I took an introductory course almost two years ago, but a zoom meeting sounds fun.

Hello Tommy ! what a great idea, I am very interested to participate. I am just beginner, listening actually grec alphabet… I have here Assimil method for Ancient Grec and some interesting document in French that motivate me to study this language so deep and intelligent… I suppose. Probably I can just listen for the moment, I am able to interact only in English (6000 words) and in french, native. I am not sure to understand when is 10 am pacific, can you please indicate me a city in this time zone to help me ?
Have a nice day