Ancient Greek dictionary

Could we get the LSJ dictionary added for Greek? (the English wiktionary is fine but a bit lackluster)
This site, LSJ

(and also, why is there no Ancient Greek on the Library tab, the same way there is European Portuguese/Brazilian Portuguese on the Portuguese section?
Having people upload texts from the Bible, which happens quite a bit, can be a little misleading to beginners/intermediates when it’s grouped up with the rest of the uploads)

To be honest, I’d prefer not to have Ancient Greek mixed up with Modern Greek in the same language slot. Too much confusion.

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Well that’s another topic. Personally I don’t mind, it doesn’t really take much time to find out, and almost every time you can tell from the title.
I think they have said they can’t do what you ask since they don’t have enough content nor recordings from native speakers (!) to be allowed to fully separate the languages.
But for clarity’s sake, and for visibility I think a simple tab on the library could be of great of use, both for those studying ancient and modern.

And the dictionary thingy, at the moment the translations on many texts in koine are bloody awful.


I hope you find this helpful: Αποτελέσματα για: "α"

Thanks but that is already included in the LSJ, under the tab of “Greek Monotonic”.
You can try it yourself by typing some word in both LSJ and your site.

But anyway, what I was suggesting was to add the LSJ to the list of Greek dictionaries in Lingq. At the moment there is no ancient greek dictionary available other than the ones related to the Bible (Lexicon Katabiblon and Logeion Uchicago) which only deal with the koine that appears on the Bible…

Oh, ok! I thought you couldn’t add the lexicon and you needed an alternative. Obviously, I was mistaken! So, thank you for the clarification.

I use my Esperanto slot for Ancient Greek for exactly this reason. Unfortunately that means I lose access to the dictionaries, but it’s too much of a mess to have Attic/Koine/Modern Greek all in the same language slot…


That’s a clever take. Honestly I think it’s fine, in the very rare case where the words are written exactly the same way in both modern and ancient (factoring the polytonic) and the meanings are not the same, then yeah, I guess you are allowed to get angry haha.

But I don’t think it’s necessary, I just wish they added the dictionary, it’s a really good one. Maybe it’s hard to implement, I don’t know.

So you manually look for every word you don’t know in Ancient Greek?

Logeion has the full text of the LSJ as far as I can tell. I’ve been using it for Xenophon and it’s pretty good with forms as well.ἔρχομαιἔρχομαι

Edit: Scrolled down and realized there are other dictionaries, which Logeion doesn’t have. That said, LSJ is the standard for classical Greek though you’ll need to use it in English rather than the Liddell-Scott in Greek.


Sorry to insist, but can we get an answer about adding or not the LSJ site to the list of dictionaries?