Ancient Greek Courses under the Latin language not Greek

Their are a handful of courses on that are for Ancient Greek but posted as if Latin. I believe they were created before Greek was a language option. Is there anyway to have them added under the Greek Language. I know of these ones.
They include:

  • 219762 GCSE Greek 2017, Homer Iliad 1 480-61
  • 253183 A Level Greek, Odyssey IX 231-460 (Cyclops)
  • 221395 Greek Readings /video From The Past (includes Video) R S Conway
  • 219787 AS Homer Greek Book XXII

I asked our content managers if there is anything we can do Thanks for pointing that out.


There are ancient Greek texts in the modern Greek area (mostly biblical). MOdern Greek has only one main accent on letters. Putting them in a separate section might be fine but excluding / separating / removing them somehow would be good.

It seems apprriopriate to have an ancient language multi-script spat about them.
Δεν Θελω αυτος το βιβλιο ελληνικα. (I do not want those books).

Sadly, google does accents better than I do. Δεν τα θέλω αυτά τα βιβλία.

Ancient Greek words give me a blue words % of over 90%.

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Why isn’t Ancient Greek a separate language? Are we gonna put IndoEuropean under Latin too? Or Old English under English? :smiley:

Honestly, the reason I don’t start Ancient Greek is because it’s lumped under modern greek, and as a novice to both it’s too hard to figure out which one is which. And it’s way too confusing to be sorting through everything. The friction level is just too high.

I already have that problem with the way Arabic is set up, and it’s a high level of pain. If the modern dialects were separate from MSA (and even better, if they were separate from each other), it would be sooooo much easier to keep everything straight in my head and study the right materials.

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I’d like ancient and modern Greek separated too.
You can tell them apart as modern Greek has only one type of accent on letters (καιρό) [and a second very rare one].
Ancient Greek has more (ἡμῖν).

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