An option to move an ignored or yellow word to known

This feature request has been done many times by different members, but I just wanted to put up a thread to make it more expressly.

Since we track Learned words differently than Known words, this is not something we plan on doing.

In previous version of LingQ I could delete am incidentally created lingq, that would move it to ignored words and then choose this word (make it blue) once again to finally mark it as known. What are we supposed to do now to keep the stats clean?

Learned Words are automatically added to your Known Words total so there is no reason to “finally” mark a word as known. Once it is learned, it is known.

I don’t want to move my “learned” status 4 words to known. I want to do it with incidentally created lingqs (that happens quite often as you can not open the dictionary without creating a lingq) or with incidentally ignored words. What do you do in this situation?

@eugrus - Ah…I see what you mean. I just make these status 4 and move on. It comes to the same whether the words are learned or known. And the fact is very often you aren’t sure of these words or you wouldn’t have looked them up.