An internet ad that I actually enjoyed clicking on

Here is an internet ad that I actually enjoyed clicking on. Seriously creative use of the internet. It is kind of like having a conversation (in English) so it might be fun for some of the higher level English learners here to look at.

I think it won some awards at Cannes.

Heres a working link

Darn it. It was pretty good. I hope you’re not the one who gets all the pay-per-click money from it. Because if it’s you . . . if it’s you, here’s a few bucks from me: click-click-click.

LOL I wish.

I just came across it randomly when I was searching for something else. I just thought it was cool how involving it was with such a seemingly simple technique.

Kind of make one wonder, why didn’t I come up with this brilliant yet simple idea?

Neat. The internet conceded my awesomeness. About time.